Experience the beauty

Seven Mile Beach is a great place to begin your vacation! Sunset Cove's white sandy beach with palm trees and exquisite view of clear, aqua blue Caribbean Sea makes this a perfect beach vacation for all ages.  It's the only cove constructed on the beach so the water is always calm for swimming even on windy days.  Sunsets are spectacular! Great snorkeling in the cove and beyond with coral and sea life visible as soon as one gets in.  A large reef is a short swim offshore for snorkelers. Not uncommon to see lobsters, turtles and schools of colorful fish. 

Experience the dream

A wide beach with soft, white sand, lots of lounge chairs and umbrellas are waiting for you to lounge in or sunbath!   Great snorkeling just steps away in the cove and beyond with coral and sea life visible as soon as one gets in. Get your drink and food ordered and served from your lounge chairs on the beach and around the swimming pool.  

Experience the island 

It's foodie heaven! A scuba diver's dream with 365 dive sites! There are a plethora of activities like submarine or glass bottom boat tours, helmet diving, jetpacking, and helicopter tours. Wall, reef, and wreck dives to suit any scuba diver's delight. The Kittiwake, a 251 ft military ship is a popular dive site off the northern end of Seven Mile Beach. Spas for pampering, cigar bars for the aficionados. Fine dining, local cuisine, family dining with different price ranges available. Clubs and nightclubs for nocturnal activities.  

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